Mid-City New Orelans, juxtaposed with the CBD, is a currently
blighted area that will become a growth district as the city becomes
more urban in coming years. The full city block spans from the historic
commercial fabric to the lower, segmented residential area.

The Oretha Castle Haley (OCH) boulevard was the site of many historic
civil rights events and organizations. During segregation, the area featured many African -American shops. Now, the groups in the community are concerned with poverty and spreading the arts.

The base of the building follows the of the surroundings as the site
changes from urban to residential. The Oretha Castle Haley elevation reaches up two levels (Restaurant), then tapers down to the community (Bake Shop). Above, the Lecture fits on to the slope of this form, provides visual support for the program above. Two upper volumes contain the primary program of the school. These also step down with the fabric below. systems and egress have been organized to simplicity. The core contains the interior egress and elevator in addition to the mechanical chaise. The exterior egress hangs from top structure, and provides sunshading against the summer light while allowing winter light to enter the spaces. lower side of the fabric (Bake Shop + Receiving) opens onto a community garden with southern exposure the necessary space to grow some of what be cooked inside.

Structural tectonics help to reinforce the conceptual massing, while also hosting the curtain wall and egress. The teaching kitchen block crowns the building with trusses intended to allow for clear spans. Steel angles resting within the trusses secure the curtian wall while offering shelfing space. The lower steel construction combined with the stair/elevator/mechanical core provide lateral bracing for the higher steel. The most intense forces are sent to the ground with diagonal supports. Egress hangs from the tops of the trusses by steel tension rods.

5 - Teaching Kitchens, Roof Terrace
4 - Teaching Kitchens, Classrooms, Administration
3 - Library, Demo Labs
2 - Lecture Hall, Community Meeting space
1 - Restaurant, Wine Room, Bake Shop / Pasrty Kitchen, Recieveing
Strucural Grid - 20’x30’